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Beltway Surgery Center

While Midwest Eye Institute occupies the south wing of the Springmill Medical Building, the second floor of the north wing is devoted to the Beltway Surgery Clarian Beltway Surgery Center Indiana's BestCenter. The Center began in 1998 as a collaboration among Midwest Eye Institute, Clarian Health and Methodist Sports Medicine. Since that time the Surgery Center has become the premier provider of ophthalmic surgical procedures in the state of Indiana. More eye surgeries are done at the Beltway Surgery Center than any other facility in Indiana, Kentucky and most of Ohio. Over one half of the Indianapolis area eye surgeries are performed at the Center.Stephen M Johnson MD - Corneal Transplant  and Complex Catarat Surgeon

At the Surgery Center there are four, state of the art, operating rooms. The Center is staffed by over 25 Clarian RN's and surgical technicians assigned exclusively to eye surgery. Every patient is attended by a board certified anesthesiologist during the entire surgical procedure.

If you have questions regarding Beltway Surgery Center at Springmill Medical Building, please call 317 817 8080.